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This is the SCOUTS' OWN section. It displays any work done by the Scouts. They can place work and achievements in this section that they are proud of...

Communications Badge, September 2009
On 29th September 2009, the Scouts completed their communications badge, undertaking all activities from Alt 3 which focused around mobile technology and the importance of being aware and keeping safe online. The Scouts will be presented with their awards in the coming weeks.

Communicator Badge

The Annual District Raft Race 2009
On 27th September 2009, the Troop once again braved the chilly waters of Chelmsford to take part in the Annual event that they have so long been patrons of. This year, they had three rafts, the blue barrels from the previous year and two new aditions; a red polystyrene 'Ferrari' syle raft and a bath-paddle steamer. The Red raft flew across the water in all its heats, winning fasted raft and the paddle steamer won the most original, despite it sinking. A great time was had by leaders, parents and most of all the Scouts as they had such a good time building and testing their rafts!

Group Night Hike, June 2009
Over the 27th and 28th June 2009, members from all three sections of the 26th Chelmsford took part in a Night Hike around Maldon with the Beavers and the Cubs and Scouts doing just over 8 miles. A great time was had by all and by the time everyone got back, we were all worn out. Pictures from the event will be up on the site soon!

The Annual District Raft Race 2008
On 21st September 2008, we met early in Chelmsford for a morning of fierce competetion and water heroics. The Scouts came away with all three awards;
-  Fasted Raft
-  Most Original Raft
-  Titanic Award
This was the first time any Troop has won all three awards in the 100 years of Scouting that Chelmsford has seen!
Well done guys!

26th Chelmsford Rafting Team 2008

Gilwell Winter Camp, January 2008
The Scouts once again went camping at Gilwell Park in January to experience a Scouting weekend in the mud! One of the main attractions for our Scouts; as well as many like them, was a huge mudslide. Some of our Scouts can be seen in the video below. A great weekend was had by all!

District Annual Raft Race 2007
The team took to the water once again on Sunday 23rd September in the newly built raft, claiming the Titanic Award in style. Below are a couple of pictures from the event. More will be in the Gallery soon! Well done to all those who took part and helped build the raft!

The Titanic Award

Distrct Annual Raft Race
On Sunday 24th September 2006 the Scouts took part in the annual Chelmsford District Raft Race. The Scouts had a fantastic time in their new rafts - inflatable minis!!! The troop finished second overall and extremely wet... Below are some photos taken of the day.

Ready on ths start line...

Hammering along...

Spinning round the pole to come back...

Soap Box Derby 2
On Sunday 9th July 2006 the Scouts took part in their second Soap Box Derby alongside other scouts from Chelmsford. Our A Team came 3rd in the Le Mans Style race and our B Team came 2nd in the Hill Climb. Below you can download the certificates the Scouts were presented with.

Download Certificates. Click HERE

"I'm A Scout, Get Me Out Of Here!"
The Scouts undertook the "I'm A Scout..." challenge from the 17th - 18th July, based on the TV series. They had to the same strange food and do the same weird activities. Whats more...they came first out of all the teams. You can download the certificate & team photo from below.

Donwland Team Photo. Click HERE

Presentation Evening
On Sunday 26th February, we held a presentation and open evening to publicise the Group and let the local community see what Scouts is really all about in the 21st century. The Scouts made refreshments for the guests and builted ballisters to show off their pioneering skills.
By clicking on the link below, you can download a selection of pictures taken.

Download Montage. Click HERE

Visit to Chelmsford Police Station & Museum
On Tuesday 7th February, our Troop visited the Local Police Station & Museum. Below are a couple of the reports. You can download all of the reports as a .zip file by clicking on the download link below...

Download Police Reports. Click HERE



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