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This is the Scout section uniform. Cubs that are joining the troop are welcome to purchase the uniform for the Scout section once they join.


Each week, we have inspection to make sure that your uniform is perfect. At the end of each half term, a prize will be awarded for the Scout with the best overall score. Below are the Scout uniform requirements.

(Click HERE to download file)

      The downloadable version of this image is much larger.

      With the uniform, Blue scout trousers with Brown Scout Belt, smart Black shoes with Black socks should also be worn.

      Please also make sure you have 20p or a mobile phone and a handkerchief.

      For meetings where we are not at the hall, please wear suitable clothing for the event and the group scarf.


Please refer to this if unsure where badges go

Click HERE for Badge Information

You need to click on the link or picture to download the file. The image you download is larger and clearer than the one on the screen. The image was shrunk or it would fill the page. Thank You.


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