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This section contains information about the

26th Chelmsford (Great Baddow) Scout Troop and how to join...

- About Us -

Our meetings are held on a Tuesday evening at our Headquarters, Brookbank, Meadgate. They typically last from 7pm until 9pm. Meetings are attending in full uniform unless otherwise stated. If you are ever unsure about where we are holding a meeting, click on the TIMETABLES link.

Our SUBs which cover the use of the hall and other Scouting fees are 30 per term. We fundraise through litter picking at the local cricket ground and through other means to provide extra funding so our Scouts get to experience all the amazing things that being in Scouting includes.

Our Troop current consists of 3 Patrols; Stags, Tigers and Bulldogs making up 15+ Scouts. Our 3 leaders are Gary, Andy & Rob.

On a Troop meeting night, we typically start with a game and then whatever we might be doing that evening, such as pioneering, challenges, sports, quizes, patrol activites, building our rafts and Go Carts or something else in the serious business of having a great time! When we are not meeting at the hall, we can be out and about hiking, backwards cooking, doing wide games, activity weekends and camping. If this sounds like what you want to do, then why not join the 26th Chelmsford (Great Baddow) Scouts!

Below is how to join...

- How To Join -

If you want to join us at the 26th Chelmsford (Great Baddow) Scout Troop then come along to one of our meetings, or e-mail the WEBMASTER for more information.


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