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MOD Camp January 2010

Holland Summer Camp 2009

Group Photos July 2009

Off Roading Weekend February 2009

Raft Race September 2008 (2)

Raft Race September 2008

Essex International Jamboree 2008

Climbing/Abseiling at Skreens June 2008

Alton Towers Camp May 2008

Ballister Making february 2008

Gilwell Winter Camp Jan 2008

Fire Station Visit June 2007

Skreens Canoeing June 2007

Prances Winter Camp Jan 2007

Raft Race September 2006

Riffhams Party 2006

Soap Box Derby 2006

Rendlesham Camp 2006

Presentation Night 2006

Gilwell Winter Camp 2006

Christmas Party 2005

Prances Camp 2005

Raft Race Autumn 2005

Carting Summer 2005

Rafting Summer 2005

Hargreaves Camp 2005

Gilwell Winter Camp 2005

Summer Party 2004

Summer 2004

Rope Ladders 2004

St Georges Parade 2004

Raft Race 2003



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Here are some of the photographs from our troop over the last couple of years. Just click on one of the links below to access the galleries...

You are reminded that all images are here with the permission of those in them. If there is a need for copies of them then written permission must be obtained from the Executive committee.
Thank you
Special Thanks
To Doug Tully, Rob Tully, Jordan Woodgate, Frazer Arnold, Charlie Wisbey, David Stokes and Marj Varney for taking the pictures.
We would also like to thank the 11th Chelmsford for use of their photos from the album 'Prances Winter Camp Jan 2007.'