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This is the NEWS section. It covers anything that the troop is involved in or can do, as well as general information...

Contact E-mail List

The e-mail system has been set up for a few months now and seems to be working well. If you have not already joined then please send an e-mail to... keep up to date with what is going on in the Troop!

REMEMBER, Leaders over 18, you CANNOT sign your own health form. A responsible partner or responsible family member of adult status must complete and sign it for you. Young Leaders and Scouts must have the form filled in and signed by a responsible parent or responsible guardian of adult status who is not attending the event.

SUBS : £30 per term. NEXT DUE - September 2009 

After the Easter break. Cheques made payable to...

"26th Chelmsford (Great Baddow) Scout Troop"

Please send all monies in a named envelope.

If you are unsure about whether or not you owe subs, please talk to Gary or Malcolm the Treasurer.

Many Thanks.

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Fundraising news !
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We cover a lot of the mainstream badges throughout the course of the year but if there are some badges that you wish to go for outside of Scouts, or you have a hobby, like martial arts or sailing, that you feel you can get a badge for, why not go for it. Check out for more information of the many badges you can obtain or see Gary.