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Fundraising Commitee members needed.

26th Chelmsford Scout group are trying to put together a fundraising committee made up of Exec members and Parents. The committee is essential to the running of the group as it allows the Leaders to concentrate on running the program and events that the group members enjoy without the current restrictions of low budgets or having to run fund raising activities.


Over the last couple of years the Scout section with the aid of Parents have worked hard on Fund raising events and we are very grateful for the efforts of those who have taken part.


If you are interested in being involved with or even running the fund raising committee please contact the webmaster who will forward your details to the Exec.

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We were recently granted 5,000 towards putting up new fencing around our Headquarters. We would like to thank Grassroots Grants and all those who helped!

Group Executives
Stan (Chairman)
Shirley (Scouter in Charge)
Evelyne (Secretary)
Malcolm (Treasurer)
Albert (Quartermaster)
Ian (Booking Manager)
Martin (Premises Manager)
Rob (Press Officer & Webmaster)
Judy (Housekeeper)

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