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This section is devoted to the Troop Fundraising. We are aiming to improve our equipment and modernise it. A brief summary of our progress can be seen below. This year we are working towards purchasing new Patrol tents for the Scouts.

If you have any suggestions of  other ways we can fundraise, then please

 Litter Picking at Chelmsford Cricket Ground

This is an excellent and speedy method of making money. Our troop gets 100 per session which is put back into the troop and allows us to do more activities and buy better equipment for ourselves.

The Next session will be next year. Please bring as many people as you can. More people = less time!

Update 12.04.2010

We have been granted 2,000 to spend on new tents. Gary and Rob are currently pricing up to get 3 to 4 new Icelandic tents for the Scouts to use. We have also had our first 3 litter picking sessions of the year, raising 300 already! Well done to all!

Update 14.08.2009

We have been donated 250 from the Chelmsford Rotary for our help with providing tents and a water station for the Great Baddow Charity Fun Runs that took place earlier in the year!

Update 01.07.2009

The Scout Troop has used 900 of the money raised from the litter picking to purchase a set of benches to be used at events and on camps. The Scouts and parents are also varnishing to marine ply benches in order to make them last longer! A big thank you to everyone who helped out!

Update 23.04.2009

The Scout Troop is subsidising going to see Chelmsford Gang Show on Tuesday 28th April '09 by 3.50.

Update 12.04.2009

Any flood-lit litter picking sessions will raise 200 due to the wolume of work undertaken. We have booked 15 sessions this year.

Update 21.01.2009

2009 will see the Scout Troop fundraising again with Litter picking. At the Jamboree we updated a lot more of our equipment, including a new freezer box and gas lamps. We did not purchase new tents therefore that is our project for this year.

Update 14.07.2008

The leaders had a meeting last week and decided to purchase two new Icelandic style tents for the Essex Jamboree (26th July - 2nd August 2008) as well as numerous other items of equipement. Some of the  money from recent fundraising will also be used to give the Scouts badges to swap and kit them put with items on camp!

Update 10.04.2008

We have 14 litter picking sessions for the 26th Chelmsford this year. The Scout section will do 10 of the, giving us another 1,000 and the Cub section will be doing the other 4 sessions, giving them an extra 400. This type of fundrasing has been the most cost effective and money making. The first session took just under 25 minutes this year so we really appreicate all your continued help and support!!!!

Update 10.02.2008

Last year, we raised 900 from our 9 nine sessions and we shall be aiming to litter pick again in the summer of 2008. As a reward for everyone's hard work, we have a treat in store in the form of a weekend camp at Alton Towers in May.

Update 22.09.07

After three litter picks last week, we raised another 300 towards Troop funds! Thanks to all who helped!

Update 20.05.07

We raised a further 100 at the Great Baddow Fun Run providing tents for the various activities and a water station at the finish line for the runners. a big thank you to the Molton family for helping out the leaders!

Update 13.04.07

Firstly, a massive thank you to all those who helped out at our first Litter Pick of the year. We got it done in 30 mins so that works out at 42.50 an hour. The money we raise this year is going towards subsidising Troop events.

Update 03.03.07

We now have links to a large number of sites where you are able to purchase items. A proportion of the money then goes back into troop funds. This way you are able to treat yourself...and the troop!

Update 06.08.06

The Troop's leaders helped car park the Fuchsia Show on Sunday 6th August - working in shifts the whole weekend. We were given 110. Also, we will have raised a massive 1140 from our 12 Litter Picking sessions alone this year. Well done and a big thank you to everyone that helped us !!

Update 27.06.06

15 donated from the Great Baddow Horticultural Society for borrowing our dining shelters for the May Fair to keep their plants dry in wet weather. Fortunately the weather was sunny!

Update 23.05.06

We made 100 from putting up the party tents and running the water stand at the Baddow Fun Run 06. A big thank you all those who helped us out.

Update 07.05.06

This year, the we will be paid an extra 5 per Litter Pick so 95 in total per session! This means we will make an extra 50 over the 10 sessions!

Update 23.04.06

The last 3 Litter Picking sessions have taken under an hour in total which means we have raised 270 in just 1 hour!! We are once again lending a dining shelter for the Great Baddow Horticultural Society to use at the May Fair so another 25 earned for the troop.

Update 06.11.05

The camp at Prances made a profit just from the money the leaders paid and therefore is going to be put towards a new Free Standing Water Boiler for 167 for camping. Winter Camp '06 will see it's first use.

Update 19.09.2005

Well done everyone we have now finished Litter Picking for this year. We have done 10 sessions and raised 900. WELL DONE !!

Update 06.09.2005

At the group leaders meeting we have compiled a wish list of all the things we need to get and do to the Hall for improvements. This shall be finalised at the next meeting in October. Thanks to all those who have helps with the recent Litter Picking sessions as the last one on the 18th September will have paid for the new party tents.

Update 25.06.05

All three new Party tents were put up at Writtle Infant School's summer fete along with some posters and hire costs. We received a donation of 30.

Update 13.06.05

We have received a donation of 25 from the 'Great Baddow Horticultural Society' for borrowing one of our dining shelters.

Update 01.06.05

We received 100 from Great Baddow Fun Run for the use of the tents and the Litter Picking has been upped from 85 to 90 !!

Update 22.05.05

The Great Baddow Fun Run was successful in that we put all 3 new Party tents up and we will be receiving a bigger donation for their usage.

Update 15.05.05

We have managed to get a fantastic deal on the Party tents as a mix up in deliveries resulted is us now having 3 tents, a 4x4, 6x4 and a 10x4 for a total of 859 !!

Update 02.05.05

All of the Gas bottles have now been refilled and we looked at a variety of tents that we may purchase to replace the old ones. The plan is to have a selection of Icelandic (Green ones) and newer ones for camping.

Fundraising Journal

Our current aim is to replace much of out outdated and damaged equipment. The first items that need attention are our cooking tents. We are looking to purchase 2 ‘Party Tents’ to replace our Mess tent that took a severe battering from the elements at the last Winter Camp.

  Items Purchased & Expenditure:
  • 2 new freestanding water boilers for camping use (167 each)
  • 1 hosepipe & 2 new taps and stands for the Aqua Rolls, 4 chopping boards, 2 vegetable peelers, oven gloves, a peg bag, pegs and washing line (all for 45)
  • 4 brand new gas lamps
  • 4mx4m, 6mx4m & 10mx4m Party Tents (859)
  • Gas bottles have all been refilled
  • 1 chest freezer box 
  • 1 Three-Pod dome tent
  • Alton Towers Camp Subsidised
  • Various Scout activities & events subsidised through fundraising


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